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Fire Damage Restoration: Dual House Fires on July 5th 2014 in Lawrenceville

Published by 911 Restoration Gwinnett and Forsyth GA on July 17, 2014 in category: Fire Damage Repair with tags: , , , ,

As the excitement of Independence Day came to a close, two households faced nearly identical catastrophes. Fire damage restoration Gwinnett and ForsythAt 1:14 a.m. the occupants of a two-story, wood framed house heard a series of loud bangs in their garage. Soon after, flames erupted from the room and the family escaped. The fire department battled the blaze for an hour. By 2:22 a.m. they had the fire down to a smolder, but the house and three vehicles were lost in the process. The inhabitants were lucky to escape with their lives, but now they must endure the grueling task of putting the pieces of their lives back together. Professional fire damage restoration Gwinnett and Forsyth experts will mitigate the heartache and other burdens sustained in this event.

Unfortunately, there was more than one family affected by such a disaster. At 3:40 a.m. another house fire started in a garage. Despite being asleep when the blaze began, this group was able to escape unharmed as well. They attempted to use a fire extinguisher, but it was little use as the flames climbed higher into their attic and beyond. Eventually, their roof collapsed, condemning all their belongs.

As of yet, the cause of both events are undetermined. Fires can start through no fault of your own, from faulty wiring, to lighting strikes. However, there are preventative steps you can take to avoid such a tragedy.

How can I Prevent a House Fire?

On speculation alone, there are a few possible scenarios that caused these unfortunate incidents, but the easiest way to prevent a house fire from predictable causes is to request an inspection from professional fire damage restoration Gwinnett and Forsyth personnel. They will know how to identify exposed wires, gas leaks, and other culprits. Since it was the night after the 4th of July, it is possible one or both of these incidents began with fireworks. If you wish to celebrate your freedom by purchasing literal rockets (who doesn’t?) then be sure to store them in a sturdy, flame-proof case. Left over fireworks that managed to be lit could be to blame for the loud pops heard originally. Wayword rockets could have the same affect, if a neighbor released a firework into the garage accidentally.

The similarities between the events and the minimal time difference could suggest arson. Short of a full security system, there is not much you can do about pyromaniacs. If you notice any suspicious behavior around your property, notify the authorities. This way there will be a record of the incident and police can track at least one lead. A secondary benefit is that this can help your insurance company determine your responsible homeownership.

These scenarios present fluke occurrences. It is easier to prevent more common fire situations. Exhausted pilot lights are a leading factor in fire damage. Regularly check your lights to make sure they remain ignited. If one has blown out, turn off your gas, air out your house, and wait until the air is clean. Once all the gas has escaped your home, relight the pilots throughout your home. In an effort to keep you safe, fire damage restoration Gwinnett and Forsyth professionals often offer to light them for you.

What do I do if I have a House Fire?

If you have a house fire, calmly alert other people in the home and make your way to the nearest exit, combating the blaze and subsequent damage is best left to firefighters and fire damage restoration Gwinnett and Forsyth professionals, respectively. As seen by the failed fire extinguisher, you should not try to tackle the catastrophe on your own. Once you have escaped the building, call 911. After the fire is out, you will need both fire and water damage restoration due to the amount of water used to subdue fires of that nature. In order to comprehend the flooding your house sustains, think about the amount of time the fire department fought the first blaze. It took an hour of non-stop water to shut down that fire. Luckily, many fire damage restoration Gwinnett and Forsyth companies also provide disaster restoration services. Once Gwinnett’s Bravest deem the property safe, call in the restoration crew to get your home back.

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