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Water Damage Restoration: Harry Potter and the Sorrowful Swell

Published by 911 Restoration Gwinnett and Forsyth GA on July 8, 2014 in category: Current Event, Water Damage Restoration

J. K. Rowling recently released a short story that brought childish memories flooding back into the minds of millions of fans. Water Damage Harry PotterHarry Potter is one of the most well known children tales and few members of generation Y grew up without his exploits. This newest addition finds Harry, Hermione, and Ron at the 2014 Quidditch Cup (no doubt tied into the FIFA World Cup dominating sports at the moment.) Without spoiling too much, suffice it to say you will see old faces, new characters, and a bit of spell casting thrown in from time to time. And to imagine, Harry could have missed all the excitement if he woke up to a flood. There is no doubt that Harry Potter would employ the best water damage restoration company, but what does that entail in a world that thrives on magic?

What are the Consequences of Water Damage in Hogwarts?

In a school of witchcraft and wizardry like Hogwarts, the chaotic consequences of water damage gets even more heinous. A real-world water emergency may contain black water needing sewage backup cleanup, or mold that would potentially put inhabitants in the hospital. With all the potions and incantations in Hogwarts, the potential consequences of water damage are near limitless.

While the wizards of the school may have the ability to quell the retuning as well as the best water damage Gwinnett and Forsyth professionals, it will do them no good if there wooden wands become waterlogged. Rumor around the Chamber of Reception is that magic wands lose their potency once they bloat from water. Beyond that, the halls of this prestigious school are littered from floor to ceiling with ancient tomes. Water destroys nothing more completely than old paper, even the pages attuned with magic. Water is a persistent element that will eventually wear through any protective barrier, as you can see in the Grand Canyon, or the receding line of Niagara Falls. With all the damage potential, a simple toilet overflow or pipe burst may have caused more destruction to Hogwarts than Lord Voldemort ever could.

How would Water Damage get into the Hallowed Halls of Hogwarts?

It takes many years to master even the simplest spells taught at Hogwarts, barring common water damage Gwinnett and Forsyth occurrences such as roof leaks and water heaters with ruptured hoses, the Aguamenti Spell taught in the sixth year could go awry by one of the less adapt students, flooding the place. Moaning Myrtle or a Grindylow water demon could even drench the school intentionally. Myrtle wears a perpetually dour expression and frequently causes plumbing issues in the first floor girl’s lavatory. She has been known to splash around in toilets and cause other mischief. Her wry ways put all of Hogwarts under the threat of water emergencies.

Is there a way Harry Potter can Save Hogwarts from a Sorrowful Swell of Water Damage?

With the help of his friends, the clever wizard Harry Potter can do anything, including save Hogwarts from water damage, most likely with a spell, Ventus Jinx perhaps. Once the water has been dried out, he would need to sanitize the area to make sure mold did not grow. Unless he finds the proper spell somewhere in the tomes within the History of Magic Classroom, Harry may be forced to team up with Lord Voldemort to destroy the mold with the Killing Curse before it can infest the castle.

Luckily, water damage Gwinnett and Forsyth professionals have the latest drying technology and the best mold remediation techniques to keep you safe if Moaning Myrtle ever toys with your plumbing. Standing water only gets worse the longer you wait, so don’t waste time looking for the right spell for the job, call the water damage Gwinnett and Forsyth experts today.

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